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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Star Wars for Non-Geeks

Ladies and gentlemen, if your partner wants you to watch Star Wars for the first time with them, here are some things to keep in mind.
1. It's not just a movie, attention and respect must be paid
2. The original movie came out in 1977, those effects were top of the line at the time
3. Han shot first. There is no one who can properly articulate why this is important but it is.
4. there are complex layers beneath the surface. If you just watch for entertainment you'll find a fun kid's movie that looks like a space western. If you look deeper you'll find a deep wormhole of morality tales, mythology, and storytelling tropes.
5. the fact that the main villain's name is Dutch for "Dark Father" is simple coincidence and is NOT a foreshadowing of the biggest cinematic reveal in history and if you guess it before we show it too you we'll have been deprived the pleasure of seeing your delighted face. Keep it to yourself!
6. Han shot first.
7. Chewbacca is speaking an actual language that the others commonly understand.
8. The existence of a majorly overlooked design flaw in the death star is necessary for the progress of the story, suspend your disbelief and deal with it.
9. Han shot first.

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